Everyone makes a
mistake you made at
school that you learned
never to make again.

Sydney’s World School Days

Written by a Positive Behavior Support In Schools coach and video game developer. Includes characters and illustrations from the family-friendly RPG Sydney's World (TM). Students role-play social-emotional learning in a meaningful, personal way that can help foster a positive school climate. Focus is on peer-to-peer interactions including positive behavior, feelings, and communication.The illustrations feature easy-to-understand emotions to help students formulate responses. Instructions: The deck is split into two piles; Character Cards and Story Cards. Each player is dealt 5 story cards and 2 character cards to start the game. The remaining cards are placed face-down in two separate piles (Story Cards and Character Cards).. They can be drawn during the game if directed by certain Character Cards. Objective: The first player to have no cards remaining is the winner. If more than two people are playing, play can continue to second place and/or third place. Game Rules: On a players turn, they put one card into play face-up for all to see. If it is a Character Card, the player then follows the directions of that card. If they play a Character Card that directs them to give a card to an opponent, the card is given face-up for all to see. If a Story Card is chosen, it is placed face-up, read out loud, and answered. If a player cannot think of an answer to a Story Card, they can choose to give it to an opponent if they get a Character Card that that permits that action. Otherwise it must remain in their hand.


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