1. “Light the way” to mastery. Use a structured roadmap to lead the learner on the path to mastery.  This includes giving students a clear sense of short/long-term goals, cialis and their progress toward completing these goals.
  2. Cultivate a winner’s mindset. Learning through failure, online persistence, optimism to win.  Learning through failure, Encouraging persistence/grit, Optimism to Win.
  3. Leverage intrinsic motivation. Learning environments can be designed to leverage basic desires such as autonomy, competence, belonging, creativity, and curiosity.
  4. Leverage social power. A powerful way to build a better learning environment is to introduce  game-like elements to promote collaboration, peer mentoring and teaching, peer recognition/status, and positive social influence.
  5. Reward and recognize effort and process. Encourage successful practices and attitudes by rewarding process and effort, not just a positive outcome.

See Teacher Examples and Case Studies.

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