Dr. Joey J. Lee: Scholar’s Quest

Dr.  Joey J. Lee applies a game layer to his graduate classes to motivate and engage students to be self-directed, active, entrepreneurial learners. Scholar’s Quest is a set of processes and  paper-based tools that apply game design principles to encourage deep engaged learning.

Science CIty Heroes – gamification in middle school science classes

Scholar’s Quest: Science City Heroes is a a game layer experience applied over existing science curriculum in which students have the opportunity to earn three kinds of collectible and playable cards. The Pokémon-like cards help both teachers and students to emphasize and reflect the processes and traits that characterize science-mindedness.

Joli Barker: The Fearless Classroom

Award winning teacher, Joli Barker has created an innovative elementary school classroom where, in her words,  students are active players in their own educational game.

Paul Andersen: Biohazard 5. A Game-Based Flipped Classroom

Paul Andersen has reinvented a year-long Biology course in the form of a game with levels based on guided inquiry around essential questions from the curriculum. Students are engaged and motivated and he is constantly improving the process based on their feedback.